A combination of recreation and protection — Airwheel C5 smart helmets


Abstract: Totally different from other series of Airwheel, Airwheel C series, a kind of wearable device is a perfection combination of recreation and protection. Airwheel C5 is not the ordinary casque which is only to protect head, generally speaking, it is an advanced hi-tech product with multiple functions.

Safety always comes first, with the integrated technology, Airwheel C5 shows excellent toughness and strength that ordinary ones lack, the safety of riders' heads are ensured effectively. It adopts an integrated technology, with excellent toughness and strength which can bear impact to protect head safety effectively. Vents designed on the helmets will ensure the heat will be taken away fast. You will still feel comfortable after a long time wearing with the vents & soft inner pad.


color intelligent helmet


During the riding process, answering phones or listening to music sometimes can be a risky behavior when riding vehicles, especially on rugged or rough mountain rack. The one key to answer phone design greatly reduces the danger of accidents.




More importantly, there is a 150°FOV camera that enables riders to take pictures or video. Bluetooth helmet can easily record every splendid moment of your extreme sports. Combined with the intelligent management chip, its range can be prolonged to 180min. Riders can control the video, take pictures, retrospect the wonderful images and share these exciting moments with your friends via the mobile App. Plus, Airwheel C5 supports non-net video 24h per day. At home, it acts as a home security. Any abnormalities will be noticed when you are back home.


Airwheel C5


Warm prompt: No helmet can protect the wearer against all possible impacts. A helmet has a limited lifespan in use and should be replaced when it shows obvious signs of wear. For maximum protection, the helmet must be of good fit and all retention straps must be secure. REFER TO YOUR OWNERS MANUAL FOR FITTING INSTRUCTIONS.

Totally different from other series of Airwheel, Airwheel C5 is a perfection combination of recreation and protection.