Airwheel electric scooter gives you exceptional riding experience



Many people, no matter the young, the middle-aged or the senior, all like travel. They want to go to different places and to see the world different from their living place. However, travel is also a tiresome activity, especially when you have to walk for a long way. A portable electric scooter might be of great help in this case. You can ride the scooter instead of walking a long way and you can also stow it with the luggage when you are on the bus or plane.


Actually, there are such products that are specifically prepared for your travel. The Airwheel is your choice. It's smartly designed with a chic casing and user-friendly control system. The user can scoot the Airwheel while listening to music through the built-in wireless transmission device.

The Airwheel can be controlled hand-free thanks to the gyro-sensors. The rider only have to lean the body to control the direction and speed of the wheel. It's considered the next generation of personal transport. As a leading brand in the electric self-balancing scooter market, the Airwheel always put quality on the first place. It’s equipped with an upgraded intelligent chip and a Sony lithium battery. The Airwheel also has danger precaution system. When the speed reaches the maximum 18km/h, which is a dangerous speed for riders, the system will be activated to mandatorily slow down the speed to avoid potential danger. Also, when the speed reaches 12km/h, the treadles will begin to rise to prevent the rider from accelerating. So, the Airwheel is really smart that it can be your alternative to bikes and even cars.

Airwheel unicycle

Another feature of the Airwheel is that it's small in size so that it can be stowed easily. Take the X5 music version for example, it's only 9.8kg meaning that it's even slighter a luggage bag. Therefore, you can easily take the Airwheel with you wherever you go, no matter you are on the plane or on a bus.

The Airwheel saves your energy during the travel and can make your travel a more pleasant journey. You deserve such a portable and smart device.