Airwheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooters Help You Realise Your Dreams


Abstract: To make your travel intelligent, fashionable and eco-friendly is the future transport designed by Airwheel. It’s not only a dream, it’s also a life style and Airwheel’s enterprise philosophy. To make this dream come true, Airwheel has introduced products of high quality but low prices. Airwheel always aims to serve the public and tries to be the industry leaders.


“Travel Smart, Travel Green” is the future transport designed by Airwheel. More than a dream, it’s also a life style and Airwheel’s enterprise philosophy. Eco-friendly ideas are carried out by Airwheel, also it’s the best wishes of everybody in the society. Modern people always want blue sky and fresh air, as well as the individualized beauty. So let’s explore how Airwheel satisfies these needs.


Zero emission of pollution


The intelligent self-balancing scooters are powered by electricity. The gyroscope system inside analyzes the real-time movements of the vehicles, and sends them to the processing chips. Chips will analyze them and send orders to the driving motor for balancing the vehicle. It sounds complicated to users, but it will be much easier to learn to control the intelligent scooters. You only need to spend several minutes learning the control skills, much easier than learning skateboards.

Airwheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooters Help You Realise Your Dreams

All Airwheel electric intelligent scooters are powered by Sony lithium battery cores. These cores can be recharged 1800 times, 3.8 times to the ordinary ones. The batteries also have long range and good safety performance. With the effort from Airwheel development team, Airwheel products are extremely energy-saving and contribute to the green earth.


High product quality with a low price.


Airwheel never lowers the prices of products at the expense of product quality. Instead Airwheel just streamlines the producing procedures. No procedure is omitted and no vehicle part is replaced with low-quality materials. Airwheel designs the products with an optimal balance of performance, heat-radiation, and control styles. With the top product quality, Airwheel has obtained certificates including CE, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS and so on, and owns more than 50 innovation patents. Airwheel values the low profit on each product in a large market, so it prices its products at a low level but chooses the best vehicle parts, like Cheng Shin tires, Sony battery cores and so on.


Spending effort on both advertising and off-line activities.


Advertisements fill people’s daily life, so now good products also need to be advertised; so is Airwheel for making the public objectively and accurately learn about its electric self-balancing scooter which are recently invented vehicles. Free trial activities are held in campus, exhibitions and other places. The ideas and high quality of Airwheel products has won the praise of consumers, and more and more people are becoming Airwheel scooter users.


For our green earth and next generation, please choose Airwheel intelligent scooters and start your low-carbon life right now!