Airwheel Mars Rover X8 – An Ideal Commuting Partner


As we are getting more dependent on various transport assistance in this modern era, the recent prevailing of self-balancing scooters has drawn broad attention. Airwheel self-balancing scooter facilitates our life by providing an advanced solution for commuting problems. Airwheel will be your ideal transport aid to reach a destination either too far for walking or too near for driving, and it’s emission-free.

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So what exactly is Airwheel Mars Rover? Generally speaking, it’s a handy commuting aid designed for short trip. To be specific, it belongs to the family of self-balancing scooters for it can realize intelligent response to your intention and body movements. Although self-balancing scooters are not so popular as e-bikes, it presents a latest ideal commuting aid for short trip. Let’s take a look of Airwheel X8 and give it a try today.

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Debuted in Aug. 2014, Airwheel X8 is the latest released model. Compared with fellow Airwheel X3, X5 and X6 in X-series, it features consistent exterior design and varies in tire size and internal configurations (similar to automobiles). Today we’ll proudly present Airwheel X8, which weighs 11kg, travels at max. speed 18km/h and covers 23km per charge.

Airwheel X8 Mars Rover

One unique feature of Airwheel self-balancing scooter X8 is that it’s equipped with a pair of training wheels, which will be very helpful for starters. With the training wheels, starters can get a hang of it and go forward within 2 minutes. Keep practicing and after you get used to the its balancing, you may try to ride without training wheels. Always keep two things in mind: (a) your feet are only 10cm from ground, so don’t worry about falling-over. In case you’re about to fall over, protect yourself as priority instead of the unit, and (b) as the riding technique is similar to that of bicycles, momentum is your partner for maintaining balance on Airwheel X8.

For starters, training belt and training wheels are highly recommended for safety concerns, and please ride at a safe speed (<10km). The maximum load of Airwheel X8 is 120kg, which means it can generally fit players of all shapes.

Regarding the internal core of Airwheel X8, it all comes down to cutting-edges technologies: the intelligent control chip adopts aviation attitude control to realize longitude balance, and fuzzy software algorithm to guarantee your safety.

Airwheel standard accessories include a charger, a training belt, a pair of training wheels and an extended pump nozzle. And you may find a wide choice range in the optional accessories, e.g. LED pedal and handle lights, air pumper, pressure gauge, ect.

Still have no idea of how to ride? Let’s get started!

Spare 10 Minutes and Get Going

Most starters may lack confidence when getting on Airwheel for the first time. It’s just mental fear for something unknown, which is totally unnecessary and surmountable. Just be bold and confident, you can trust yourself to get a hang of it in just 10 minutes. Now let me pass some useful skills to you.

The build-in gyro realizes acceleration, deceleration by the shift of center of gravity, as a result, you may feel a little “quiver” when stepping on it for the first time. Don’t panic, just look forward and stand upright, the quiver will be gone. Lean your body forward to accelerate and go forward, lean your body backward to decelerate and fall back. Twist your arms and legs to make turns.

Airwheel Mars Rover X8 - An Ideal Commuting Partner

Riding Airwheel X8 is as simple as your intuition, keep the above key notes in mind and everyone can get a hang of it in short time.

Are you feeling speeding after getting used on Airwheel? Imagine you’re sitting in a car traveling at 15km/h, you won’t feel a thing. As for Airwheel X8, the maximum speed is set at 18km/h, and in case you are speeding on a tough terrain, the situation may be out of control. Consequently there’s speeding alert activated at 15km/h, which is the recommended safe speed.

In addition to ride on flat and smooth pavements, you may try to ride your Airwheel on meadow or slopes. Yet better train yourself to be a proper player before riding off-road!

Moreover, if you’re a skilled player and would like to go for a challenge, just try the street curbs!

You may feel nervous when climbing on slopes for the first time, but your Airwheel X8 will never let you down on a slope less than 15°. It’s driven by awesome motor power!

As a portable commuting aid designed for short trip, Airwheel X8 is an ideal partner for car owners. In case the parking lot is full, just park your car nearby, take out your Airwheel from the trunk and get going!


Airwheel X8 features easy learning and super stability. Even as a starter, you can get a hang of it in short time. Compared with other self-balancing scooters, Airwheel X8 is equipped with training belts and upgrades its control chips, steering experience and safety measures, which gives it a considerable advantage in this section.