Airwheel S3, Your Exclusive Transportation



Abstract: The Airwheel S3 is considered the most intelligent and greenest alternative to bikes and cars so far. It is a fully functional model with a streamlined contour and updated safety precaution system. The S3 is just made to be your exclusive transportation.

Airwheel S3, Your Exclusive Transportation

The Airwheel Technology has a range of self-balancing products, each with their own features. The Airwheel S3 distinguishes itself among a bunch of Airwheel siblings as the model easiest to learn and with most functions. It’s considered the most intelligent and greenest alternative to bikes and cars.

Quite different from other unicycles in the appearance, the Airwheel S3 electric scooter is a two-wheel electric scooter with a standing platform and a control shaft. So it’s more like a vehicle compared to other unicycles. Along the control shaft, there is a string of LED atmosphere lights, which can be turned on at night and you’ll always be the focus of the attention.

Airwheel S3

The Airwheel S3 dual-wheel electric scooter not only has an elegant look, it is also designed to guarantee rider’s ultimate safety. The S3 is the first model in the electric scooter field to be equipped with a pair of headlights, which features an illumination range of 6m. At the back, there are also a pair of stoplights complying with international signal language. These details guarantee a safe riding.


In additions, the Airwheel S3 comes with a remote control and the device can go into sleep mode when the rider temporarily stops. The device can quickly wake up when the rider resume the riding. By this way, it’d be more energy efficient and the battery life can be prolonged. What’s more, the S3 has a light-resistance switch that only when the platform is loaded with weight can it starts going. This special design greatly reduces the risk of improper riding.

As a leading brand in the self-balancing scooters industry, the Airwheel always pursues the ultimate quality and performance by focusing on every details. With a 1000w Sony lithium-ion battery, the S3 can cover a remarkably long distance. With water resistance, the S3 can drive in light rain without worrying about water leakage.

The S3 has many other features, such as the 4-inch LED display panel which shows the speed, remaining power, and temperature, etc., the wireless speakers are useful for riders to listen to music when riding.