Airwheel self-balancing unicycle Q3 will keep you accompany.


Abstract: What is the future city like? What about the city traffic in the future? And what transport will we adopt? These questions look seemingly distant but upcoming. With the arrival of Airwheel self-balancing unicycle Q3, the future is to unfold to us.


As science and technology makes more and more strides, we go through and will go through unimaginably big changes, especially in the way of locomotion. Since Airwheel Q3 came out, we unprecedentedly clearly realize that the science and technology is pressing us to advance on the path to the future.


Airwheel Q3 is a formidable mixture into which the cutting-edge science and technology are wrapped. It is characterized by ease to carry, powerful thrust and large capacity of battery. Now it is in vogue among office commuters, students and those like getting around.

Airwheel self-balancing unicycle Q3 will keep you accompany.

The top speed of Airwheel electric unicycles Q3 will be 18 km/h and able to carry the weight of up to 120 kg. It takes 90 min to recharge it. It is a personal transport as cost-effective as cheap. These are thanks to the introduction of advanced processing system and the application of sophisticated processor which contribute to its high performance and overcome different tough terrains.


In respect of design, Airwheel places a great stress on the safety of electric unicycles Q3. For this purpose, Airwheel electric unicycles Q3 are endowed with speed limit, low-battery protection, tilting protection and the like. These measures assure the riders of safety while they steering them in tandem with extending the life of them.


Airwheel electric unicycles Q3 comes as a blessing to those trendy women who are fond of fashion and shopping. Q3 is as small as exquisite, plus easy to carry. Riding it, the female tastemakers could enjoying shopping without fatigue.


The increasing batches of people pour into the city for job or residence, which adds to the already-congested traffic beyond a doubt. In such case, commuters have to spend more time on waiting caused by traffic congestion. Therefore, this situation spawns an urgent request for faster transport system. With its advent, Airwheel electric unicycle Q3 worked wonders for this issue, offering a marvellous way out for the public in need.


With a set of Airwheel intelligent unicycle Q3, it is no need concerning about the traffic congestion on the way. You could ride it, weaving your way through the crowed and the congested traffic. As the public more and more raise concerns about the ecology and transport, Airwheel electric unicycle Q3 has to be the optimal choice of future personal transport.

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