Airwheel X3 Review: An Excellent Purchase


I stumbled across the Airwheel X3 online. It is a single-wheeled version and I totally love this thing. It took me about 2 weeks to teach myself how to ride it. But once I mastered it, I can step on it without thinking twice. I’m glad I endeavored because I use it everywhere I go. I especially love using it to go shopping at stores like Walmart or Target. Everyone always stops me and asks what it is. It's very easy to use pushing a shopping cart and the battery life is so amazingly long. It really was an excellent purchase.

Airwheel X3 Review: An Excellent Purchase

I used to ride my Airwheel X3 to push a shopping cart. But I use it to do other things too. Last weekend, I was in Santa Barbara and rented out one of those cycles made for 4. After a few blocks of pedaling and getting exhausted, I suggested to my friends I get my Airwheel and push them from behind. The Airwheel X3 was amazing. Very able to push the cycle with everyone on it at a good speed, and we went everywhere. But in doing so I was really able to discover about the gyro. It definitely cuts out when too much acceleration is called for by leaning forward. Since I was holding on to the cycle, I wouldn't fall, but it was a very uncomfortable feeling as the Airwheel loses its stability and then gains it back moments later.

I also discovered that when the battery gets low it is dangerous to ride. Fortunately, the Airwheel X3 has precaution system. When the battery is lower than 15%, the machine will generate the alerting beeping sound. So when you hear the low battery “beep”, take heed and stop riding it. The gyro will cut out before the hub motor will and the Airwheel X3 is unridable without the gyro.

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I didn’t realize that going downhill charges the batteries pretty well. This gives the Airwheel X3 such long riding times. So in all I still love the thing. I ride it everywhere. I still stumble off it going over dips in the curbs on pedestrian ramps, but find if I don't see them coming can go over them fine.

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