Check out the 5 features ofAirwheelSL3Dand choose it for your next travel

At a time when smart technology has been popularized in all aspects of life, there are naturally a lot of portable electronic products. Therefore, many people are very concerned about “no power” and “low power”, which may even affect the normal progress of the journey. The Airwheel SL3C carry-on suitcase is designed with a USB charging port on the outside of the box, which can charge portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, etc. As long as the data cable is connected, it can be charged while walking, which is very convenient.

A comprehensive review of Airwheel smart wheelchair-H3PC

As a smart wheelchair, Airwheel H3PC folding motorized wheelchair adopts the current mainstream clean electric energy, which can not only save people from the fatigue of physically driving wheelchairs, but also ensure low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel. It is designed with a powerful dual-drive system, and adopts a worm gear transmission design, which can ensure sufficient torque in a small space. The riding speed can reach 6km/h, and there are 5 gears.

A revolutionary suitcase with unique and amazingdesigns –Airwheel SE3S

Airwheel SE3S smart boarding suitcase interior of the box is planned with reasonable functional partitions. There are storage bags that can organize all kinds of trivial items such as keys, documents, pens, etc. At the same time, the box cover adopts a side-opening design, and has a buckle structure on the side. Through reasonable adjustment, it can be opened in two states of 45° half-opening and 90° fully-opening.

Check out the 5 features ofAirwheelSL3C smart luggageand choose it for your next travel

Abstract: If you ask what kind of suitcase is full of style?
Airwheel SL3C light smart suitcase not only has five colors of Nebula White, Fire Rock Black, Glacier Blue, Brushed Silver, Desert Rose Powder, but also has colorful atmosphere lights and Ranger lights. There are a variety of options, and can be adjusted freely according to the user’s own preferences and needs. Just download the smart APP specially developed for Airwheel SL3C light smart luggage, install it on the mobile phone, you can adjust up to 8 lighting colors, 3 lighting effects, flexible combinations, and dozens of color schemes can be set , used to match the environment, the clothes you wear, the current mood, etc., are completely stress-free.

Here comes the Airwheel R series of folding e bikes-you can buy right now

 Airwheel R5+ moped bike is not only equipped with high-performance in-wheel motors, but also designed with chain drive structure. Three riding modes are available, which is also the highlight of R5+. The fitness mode is to ride completely by stepping on both legs. It is a riding method that requires physical strength among the three modes. The pure electric riding is completely driven by electric energy and basically does not consume physical strength. The electric assist mode is to ride in the way of human pedaling + motor assist, in which the electric assist has different gears that can be adjusted, which can realize more riding with different exercise intensities, and can be used according to different situations.

Airwheel SE3S smart boarding suitcase would show how to travel elegantly.

Airwheel SE3S rideable suitcase is equipped with powerful motor wheels, which can be used for riding in addition to towing, and the riding speed can reach 13km/h, which is more labor-saving and efficient than walking. With it, whether it is time to catch up with the flight, or moving in large places such as airports and stations, there is no need to drag the suitcase out of breath and run away from the journey.

What is great about theAirwheel H3PC automatic folding wheelchair?

Featuring highly innovative designs, smart power chairs are leading the way and advancing electric wheelchair technology. The Airwheel H3PC folding smart wheelchair has impressive specifications for a battery-powered wheelchair that drives at a speed of 6km/h. It has a 120kg weight capacity and works well on dry, compact grass and hard surfaces. It not only has strong adaptability to uneven road conditions such as gravel roads, speed bumps, and grass, but also ensures strong climbing ability and slope stability.

AIRWHEEL service wheelchair robot H3TS+ developed for the intelligent health care market

In terms of control, AIRWHEEL H3TS+ intelligent wheeled mobility robot also makes full use of Airwheel’s past experience in assisted driving, intelligent control, intelligent interaction technology, etc., and comprehensively achieves barrier-free” for users from multiple angles. It simplifies and improves the control of the machine, realizes multiple operations such as direction, speed control, folding, etc. so that elderly can quickly get started to use. At the same time, two remote control systems are also provided: wireless remote control and smart APP to help users control the mobility robot H3TS+ without touching the wheelchair directly, such as early control The wheelchair robot can go to the bedside, store and retrieve it autonomously when traveling by car, etc.

Acolorfulsuitcase brings acolorfuljourney–Airwheel SL3D

In order to facilitate the journey, the outer side of the box is also designed with a high-efficiency USB charging port. Just connect the data cable, you can charge all kinds of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, etc. at any time, so that you can have a worry-free journey. Especially when traveling in summer, most of the time, you will carry a small fan with you, and the Airwheel SL3C colorful smart suitcase sits in the town, which can always ensure a cool breeze in the sweltering heat.

When you have the Airwheel SE3mini rideable suitcase, you will gonna love traveling than ever.

The control handle of Airwheel SE3mini smart luggage adopts a minimalist design. There are only left and right turning handles, the right side accelerates, the left side brakes, and the reverse is controlled at the same time. In addition to the carrying method of riding, Airwheel SE3mini smart riding case takes into account the complex needs of the journey, and still retains the traditional luggage carrying method. Its tow bar adopts a more stable double-rod design, and has multiple adjustable gears, which can meet the towing needs of people of different heights.